clever ways of cheating in a game of poker

Sportsmanship and fair-play, those are the virtues with which we must play any game. But, it is in the nature if us human beings to get a little mischievous and turn the table in our favor if doing so can increase our chances of winning. Games involving money are the ones at which people cheat the most and for those of you who know poker, the concept cannot be anything new.

While it is difficult to do any under the table business during a game of poker with either the opponents or the dealer keeping their eyes out for any suspicious behavior, it is not impossible! I have listed down three smart ways in which you can cheat in the next poker game to either win a bunch of money or simply impress your pals with some superhero play.

Go high tech

If you are new to the game or if you aren’t very good at going for any of the more complex methods of hoodwinking others at the table, it is always better to rely on the assistance of technology. For this you must get ahold of state of the art poker scanning camera, a device manufactured for the specific purpose of helping you in identifying what lies on the other side of that hand of cards your opponents are trying so hard to conceal from you. The system works by analyzing the back of the card using a camera which is usually concealed in a simple, non-suspicious device which will then visually depict what you need to know. As long as you keep yourself from getting too excited and making it obvious, this is an effective method which is quite difficult to spot.

Hand Mucking

Fairly more complicated than the poker scanner cheat method discussed earlier and here you will need to be good at bluffing and handling cards in concealed fashion. Mucking is when a player hides the cards in his hand without letting anyone else see so that later on in the game he can switch those cards for the playing hand to increase his chances of winning. This is one of the best ways you can cheat at poker and this is especially effective if there are teams involved and if the dealer itself is involved in the process.

Bottom dealing

A technique where the dealer is involved in dealing from the bottom of stack instead of the top to favor a player. The dealer must be a real pro to pull off this trick which is very complicated and requires a lot of practice to be performed in the best possible way. Unless it is done properly, a sound that is different from the usual sound of dealing will be made while also slightly misplacing the second last card of the stack giving the game away.

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