A look into the design of the best business briefcase

When you want to go on business travel and do not have the time to pack much baggageand lug it around with you. The best solution that has been offered is the briefcase and backpack put into one to create the best business baggage.


This type of baggage is called the bobby bizz, which allows you to carry your clothes, toiletries and electronics around with you. This guide will highlight the features of this perfect bag and by the end of this article you will not want to just look at it at the store!


  • Your electronics can be carried around safely and you can avoid any damage to the items and it being stolen right off of your back.

  • There are two types of bobby compact backpacks with both anti-theft features. Hidden zippers are part of the design, which makes it difficult for anyone to try and steal things from your bag.


  • The polypropylene board and the metal lightweight frame which makes it very difficult to cut through and steal things. Apart from helping you to ensure that no one steals your belongings, it also maintains its form using the lightweight metal frame.


  • This backpack and briefcase will help you to grab your travel card or phone quickly as the little compartments in it has a place for everything. There are elastic organisers included as well.


  • The material used for this carry bag is made of a repellent polyester material, which repels water and has safety stripes, which are reflective. This material also prevents a thief cutting your bag open.


  • The padding ensures that the electronics are safe and not damaged.

  • The straps of the shoulder can be used to transform the backpack into the briefcase very easily. This also applies when you want to convert your briefcase into a backpack once again.


  • The straps of the shoulder can be adjusted according to your preference and the padding is enough so that your shoulders won’t hurt.


  • There is a steel loop cable which offers proper security ensuring that the main compartments is zipped up allowing it to be locked on to a chair or table.


  • The backpack can be opened up to a degree of thirty and it can also be opened up to one hundred eighty degrees too.


  • Gadgets such as power banks can be used so that you can quickly charge your mobile quickly and easily.


  • This briefcase and backpack can be attached to a suitcase that can be rolled which will allow it to be piggybank, which will help you, move around while travelling.


Now that you can just go ahead and buy yourself this wonderful product!


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