Are you in for a career in finance?

For the most of your child and teenage life, you will be in school and college. All this education will lead you to starta career in your chosen field. Most tend to think that there are some careers which are easyand some, hard. But what needs to be understood is that if you don’t put in some solid attempts at it, any career is not going to be easy and you will fail not only within the company but also in life.

Areas of importance

Traditionally people are quite fond of medical, engineering and legal areas. But nowadays there are more interesting fields that have come up. With the new technologies and developmental trends you can work from home still earning more than a doctor. Selecting to work smarter than harder is the key. Some job areas that were on the top and still going strong are accounting and finance sector professions. Any company needs a finance manager to manage their expenses and revenue to gain the best possible profit which is the main objective of any organization. If you go in to specialized fields in mandatory areas such as investment banking, SME invoice finance or newest trends such as bitcoin etc. you can become a star within the society.

Have a target

Whatever area you choose don’t forget to have a set target to achieve. You should have a timeline with the plans. Or else you will keep telling that you will get it done and it gets left hanging until something else comes up and you are reminded of is all over again. If possible, you can use a project management tool- there are so many free apps now- and plan your day-to-day activities, have monthly and yearly targets leading up to the final goal of your life. After each week, month or quarter mark it when you are done with the relevant task. If you miss something have a plan B to make up to it. It should be your win at the end of the day so don’t be stingy in taking action.

Research on it

Research on what areas are hot. Once you pick an industry there are many online resources as well as free seminars, meetups, talks and much more which you can attend, to decide on what pathways you can go on. Your university or school will also have a career counsellor who can advise you on which courses to do and which pathways to take. If you are living in Hong Kong, search on up and coming areas such as SME finance Hong Kong; if you are a specialist in this sort of an area you can even be employed by government.

Many entrepreneurs have proved that you don’t have to have a college education to succeed. It is no secret that an educated person is not always a smart person. However there is nothing preventing you from being both. It is all in your hands.

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